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Dakar, Senegal (2008) – Ibrahima Faye was captain of the Talibou Dabo handicap basketball team in Senegal. When he was captain, they had won seven of the last eight national championships for handicapped basketballin the West African country. In April 2008, they were preparing for the beginning of their ninth tournament. Although Faye enjoyed playing on Talibou Dabo, he garnered hopes of getting to Europe to play handicap basketball there.  Here, during the nearly-two hour ride home from their first game, Ibrahima Faye entertains his team with a black flip from the rafters of the bus. Twenty-seven year old Faye is the team captain. Behind him, his daughter Bintu laughs. Faye says usually children don’t come along to out-of-town games, but Bintu (who is a daddy’s girl says her father), cried until he brought her with him for the Saturday game.